Office Link


Even the best run businesses and organisations can experience a serious incident that threatens their very survival.

At any time, your business could be disrupted by snow, flood, fire, a serious computer malfunction or security problem.

More than ever before, businesses are reliant on their IT systems, which can be wiped out during such an incident and no amount of insurance money can replace the data that those systems contain.

That’s why it is essential for businesses to back up their systems to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes.

Office Link provides businesses with an easy, yet comprehensive way of protecting themselves against the unexpected. The company provides a wide range of services to keep businesses up and running through any crisis. By offering off-site data back up, information about clients, customers and other critical files, are kept safe to maintain business continuity and speed up disaster recovery.

Office Link can also provide on-site help and support, thanks to our professional service callout and emergency callout packages. By taking advantage of the Office Link service callout facility, businesses can make sure their systems can cope with any crisis, whilst the Office Link emergency callout team is always on hand to make sure that your business runs as smoothly as possible when there is a problem.

In fact, Office Link’s team of disaster recovery professionals are always on hand to provide practical help and advice, to make sure your customers and clients are not inconvenienced by any crisis at your headquarters. By putting in place a full disaster recovery plan, with the help of Office Link, businesses of all sizes and of all types can enjoy real peace of mind knowing that should disaster strike, it’s business as usual as far as customers are concerned.

Just talk to Office Link now about:

  • Keeping your data safe
  • Business continuity through any crisis
  • Fast, efficient and cost effective disaster recovery
  • Service callout to make sure your systems are always ready to cope with a crisis
  • Emergency callout if and when disaster does strike

Remember, the management of any organisation or business has a responsibility to recover from incidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost. This requires careful preparation and planning whatever the nature of your business, so call Office Link now on Freephone 0800 072 150 to be prepared for the unexpected.