Office Link

Outbound Services

Office Link offers fully tailored outbound services. We will discuss your requirements with you to ensure the best results for your campaign. As with our inbound services, our outbound operators are fully trained to meet your exact needs and, where possible, we encourage training delivered directly by the client.

Some of the outbound services we offer include;

Mail Shot Follow Up Whether it is to confirm attendance at an event, encourage membership/subscription renewal or to help increase sales of a service or product, Office Link can follow up on any postal or email mail shot to help increase your results.

Lead Generation Office Link can call contacts from a data list and discuss your product/service with a decision maker. We pass any potential interest back to you for follow up.

Data Cleansing Although this is a standard part of all outbound services Office Link can call any contacts you may have accumulated, or bought in, to capture the correct, and most current, contact information for key employees. Data cleansing campaigns can also be run for B2C data.

Market Research As with our inbound services we can collate required information by asking set questions and recording all responses. All information gathered is passed directly back to you.

Direct Sales Cold calling (with a view to selling your product/service) and upselling to existing clients can both be done for you by our outbound operators.

Appointment Setting Our operators can call prospective clients and book appointments for your representatives to meet with face-to-face in order to increase sales. This can be done per representative/area or as one larger campaign.

Data for B2B campaigns can be supplied by you or bought in by Office Link*. For B2C campaigns we would ask that the data be supplied by you.

For more information on our outbound tariffs please visit our Tariffs page.