Our Services

Message Taking

Office Link can provide reception services to help alongside your existing team. Dealing with initial enquiries about your products or services and calls from your existing customers. We would email or text the message details over and we can also act as your switchboard and transfer calls.

Overflow & Disaster Recovery

Being manned 24/7, 365 days a year Office Link can help ensure your phone lines are never engaged or simply unanswered again. We can act as an ‘overflow’ during peak periods or out-of-hours when you are closed. If your company suddenly experiences a high volume of calls or you experience any major IT or phone faults then we can assist you during those times.

Emergency Call-Outs

If you already offer a 24-hour service, or it’s something you are looking to offer, then Office Link can be integrated to help you deal with those emergency calls. Other than a monthly service charge which covers admin and for you to use us 24 hours a day, we only ever charge for our time spent dealing with any call. So there’s no longer a need to pay someone to not take a call. We can be here for as much or as little as you need us to be. Working with your procedures we would handle the call and deal with it any way you required. Calling an individual based on a set rota or type of call, an area covered etc. we could pass the call details on, transfer the call, sending an email or text. You could count on us to answer that call at any point of the night or very early morning.

Fault Reporting

We can take calls and record faults against gaming machines such as those in pubs, restaurants and casinos. We can use your existing platform and if needed, then follow that up with a text or call to a relevant person. We currently offer this service to a handful of clients within the gaming industry. We can do it 24 hours a day or just when your office is closed.

IT Support - Calls or Software Monitoring (Alerts)

Similar to the emergency call-outs, if you offered a 24-hour service to all or even some of your clients we could field that call and transfer or pass on the details of an issue to one of your team who is on call for that day or week. One phone number any time of day, a seamless extension of your operation helping you offer your usual service through the evening and night. Or if you already monitor ‘alerts’ we could receive those alongside you and monitor them, only notifying your on-call or nominated person depending upon the instructions you provide us.